What an exciting time! This program begins at six weeks old. Your baby's first year is a time of change and discovery. The bonds that your baby makes during this important time will help to build healthy relationships in the future. We want to do all that we can to make you, as parents, comfortable because we realize leaving your child in the care of others is often difficult. Our infant teachers are highly trained, certified in First Aid, CPR and all teachers hold current SIDS trainings. We welcome you to stop in anytime to visit our infant room.


Our waddler room is a great way to transition your baby into your toddler! This program is for children ages nine months to 16 months. This is a comfortable way to help your child get ready for their next developmental steps. The Waddler room has all the comforts of the Infant Room while it begins to touch on the exciting challenges and discoveries they will find in our Toddler Room. Cleveland Child Care and Development Center wants to give your children the same love and attention they would receive in your own home. Feel free to come in anytime to visit, ask questions and see all we can offer your family.


What a wonderful place to start your child's first experience in a classroom setting! This program is for children ages 16 months to 2 years old. Your child will begin the learning process using shapes, colors, seasons, numbers and many more new and exciting concepts. Art projects and "free play" will encourage children to tap into their creativity, make choices and engage in fun play. It is a great opportunity to begin forming lasting bonds with friends as they move together from age group to age group. At Cleveland Child Care and Development Center, we realize that every child develops at their own pace and we strive to view each child as an individual with their own specific needs for which to care. We do our very best to make sure these needs are met. Call our friendly staff today to ask about enrollment options and for more information about the Toddler Program.

2 Year Olds

It takes a special teacher to nurture an active and independent two year old! This program is for children ages 2 to 3 years old. It is an exciting time in a child's life where they begin leaving infancy and becoming the “big boy or girl” in the family. Many changes take place this year! Language development, potty training and social skills and more important skills we will help develop for children during this program. We have developed our own age and developmentally appropriate curriculum that we feel will serve the needs of your child. Do not hesitate to give the Cleveland Child Care & Development Center a call to ask for more information regarding our Two Year Old Program!

3 Year Olds

How amazing it is to see how much your child knows! In our Three Year Old program, children ages three and four will focus on the preparation for our Pre-K room. A balance of structure and fun activities are used to make learning fun and exciting. We believe in helping children find school a pleasant and engaging experience now so they are prepared for their school career. Students are encouraged to make more independent choices. They have more input in their classroom and have time to spend growing friendships. The highly trained teachers in the program have the children's best interest at heart and work hard to find just the right combination of structure and fun. Call Cleveland Child Care & Development Center about enrolling your children in our Three Year Old Program!


The main focus of our Pre-K program is to ensure that our children have all the tools available to help them succeed in Kindergarten. Our highly qualified Pre-K teachers have gone into Kindergarten classrooms to find out exactly what skills are necessary to succeed. They brought this information back and used it to shape their curriculum. Our Pre-K room focuses on concepts such as sound and letter recognition, sight words, simple math and much, much more. The room is run very similarly to a Kindergarten class. Cleveland Child Care & Development Center also offers before and after school programs as well as summer camp programs.
Our certified and experienced teachers take yearly workshops to keep up with information that will enhance their classroom. Feel free to call and request more information about our Pre-K Program!

5-12 Years

Our grade school age children have a lot to look forward to. In this age group, we strive to give the children the independence to make mature and safe decisions on how to make the room work for them. The teachers take time to make sure classroom topics are exciting and interesting for the students. The students' input into activities, themes and the field trips we offer is very valuable to us and helps us to shape our School Age curriculum. Our experienced teachers complete Basic School Age Training.
Call our staff today about enrolling your children at our center today!