Center Policies

Enrollment Procedures

At the time of enrollment you will meet with the director, who will give you our handbook and the necessary enrollment forms that must be completed and returned before your child can attend Cleveland Child Care and Development Center. All information on your child’s forms is kept confidential. We encourage all parents to observe your child’s group prior to enrollment.
The adjustment to a child care program is different for every child. It is normal for children to have a fear of being separated from you. Like adults, children need time to adjust to their new surroundings. Try to prepare your child for coming to the center by talking about the new people they will meet and the new and fun things they will do. When you bring your child, a smile, goodbye kiss and some reassurance that you will be back will help to comfort your child. Our caring staff will help your child adjust and usually children settle down shortly after the parents leave. Feel free to call us any time to see how your child is doing.
Cleveland Child Care and Development Center accepts children from six weeks to twelve years old. The center does not discriminate in the enrollment of children or selection of staff or volunteers upon the basis of race, color, creed, age, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap.

Parental Fees And Payment Plans

A financial agreement will be discussed, signed and placed in your child’s folder upon admissions. Payment is due on Monday of each week or you may prepay monthly due on the first day of the month. You may pay with cash, check or money order. Cash must be given to the director or the owner directly and they will write a receipt. There will be a $35.00 service charge for each returned check. After two returned checks we require cash payments.
A two week written notice is required prior to leaving Cleveland Child Care and Development Center. If you leave prior to the two weeks, you are still responsible for the full payment up to and including your child’s last day.
If you pick up your child after 6:00 p.m. there will be a late fee of $1.00 for the each minute past 6:00 p. m. This is due when you pick up your child or it will be added to your bill. Repeated late pickup will be a reason to terminate your child’s care with Cleveland Child Care and Development Center.

Attendance, Holidays & Vacation Information

Regular attendance is strongly encouraged so your child can benefit fully from the program. Of course there will be times your child will be absent and we ask you to please notify the center. We care about you and your child and this will help in planning daily activities.
There is no tuition refund for sick days, family vacation time, holidays or days our center is closed due to bad weather or circumstances beyond our control.
We will be closed on the following days:
  • New Year’s Day*
  • Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day*
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Thanksgiving Friday ("Black Friday")
  • Christmas Eve*
  • Christmas Day*
*A floating holiday will be taken based on the calendar for the current year. If the holiday falls on a Saturday the holiday will be taken on a Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday the holiday will be taken on a Monday.

Arrival, Departure & Field Trip Procedures

Arrival & Departure Procedures
Upon arrival a responsible adult must bring your child into their classroom, sign them in and speak to the staff member so she is aware of your child’s arrival. Never leave your child in a classroom without a teacher present.
Upon departure, your child must be signed out and a staff member notified that the child is leaving. Children will only be allowed to leave the center with those individuals listed on the Pick Up Authorization form. Please update the list as needed. Please advise all individuals authorized to pick up your child that they will be required to show proper identification before the child will be released. While this may be inconvenient, please remember we do this for the safely of the children. Authorization is required in writing when anyone other than a designated adult arrives to pick up the child.
Before & After School Services & Field Trips
We provide transportation to and from the following schools; Cleveland Elementary, Dixon Elementary, McGee’s Crossroads Elementary, Polenta Elementary, and West View Elementary. If your child is riding the van to and/or from school, you must notify the director of any schedule changes before the van run begins. The center must be notified if the child will not be riding the van from school to Cleveland Child Care and Development Center. We will take roll on the van before we leave the school parking lot and if a child is not on the van, we will check with school officials. This takes time and interferes with the van schedule at other schools.
Parents will be notified in advance of any field trips. A standard release for field trips is included on the parent agreement form. Children will ride in the day care vans. The safety and well being of all children and staff is of great concern to Cleveland Child Care and Development Center. Inappropriate behavior on the van, which endangers the child or others, will not be tolerated.

Parent Participation, Items Being Provided By Parents

Parent Participation
We encourage parents to be part of our program and the many activities in which you can be a part. Activities include birthday parties, seasonal celebrations, field trips, parent conferences and volunteering. Birthday parties are a special time for children and we welcome the opportunity to be part of the celebration. You will need to speak with your child’s teacher to schedule the party. All food must be commercially prepared.
We have an open door policy and parents are welcome to visit the center at any time without notice. We do ask you to check in with the office when you arrive.
Items Being Provided By Parents & Personal Belongings
Please be mindful that children will be busy in exploring their environment and their clothes may become soiled. We will provide smocks for painting. Children need to have a complete change of clothes at the center that is appropriate for the season. Please include shirt, pants/shorts, underwear and socks. All garments should be labeled with the child’s name. Soiled clothing must be taken home and replaced the next day.
Please feel free to bring a pillow, blanket or soft toy/stuffed animal for nap time. Any personal items and other toys should be kept at home, we cannot guarantee they won’t become damaged or lost. We are not responsible for replacing any items that are damaged or lost.

Nutrition, Medication & Outdoor Play

Cleveland Child Care and Development Center will provide breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. All menus are written to comply with the USDA food program guidelines. Our menus are posted on the parent board.
Cleveland Child Care and Development Center does not administer any prescription or over the counter medication.
Outdoor Play
Children will be taken outside for play each day, weather permitting. Appropriate clothing for outdoor play should be worn, we ask for closed toe shoes to be worn for the protection of your child’s feet. Please send proper outdoor clothing such as a jacket, sweater, hat and mittens. Children who cannot participate in outdoor play due to being ill should remain at home. We do not have the necessary staffing for some children to remain inside while others go outside.

Emergencies & Inclement Weather Policies

Emergency Procedures
Fire drills are held monthly to acquaint your child with the evacuation procedures. The fire alarm is loud and may be scary to children. It will be helpful to talk with your child to help prepare them. In time they will know just what to do.
Inclement Weather
We will follow the Johnston County School system for the first day of inclement weather. We strive to stay open when inclement weather occurs. However, when we are closed we will post it on WRAL TV5 station.

Discipline, Withdrawal & Grievance Policies

Discipline Policy
Cleveland Child Care and Development Center follows the North Carolina Child Day Care Discipline and Behavior Management Policy. There is a statement signed by you that we keep in your child’s folder and we have included one at the end of the handbook.
Withdrawal Procedures
A two-week written notice is required if you choose to withdraw your child from our program for any reason. The notice will be effective the day it is given to the director.
Grievance Procedures
If you have a complaint about our program, we ask that you speak with the director. The director will work with you to resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may contact the owner. In rare instances, an issue may arise that cannot be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of Cleveland Child Care and Development Center and the parents. Under such circumstances, it may be necessary to unenroll the child from the program.

Care of Sick Children

We will provide care for a mildly ill child who has a Fahrenheit temperature of less than 100 degrees axillary, 101 degrees orally, or 102 degrees rectally and who remains capable of participating in routine group activities; provided the child does not: Have the sudden onset of diarrhea characterized by an increased number of bowel movements compared to the child’s normal pattern and with increased stool water. Have two or more episodes of vomiting within a 12 hour period. Have a red eye with white or yellow eye discharge until 24 hours after treatment. Have scabies or lice. Have known chicken pox or a rash suggestive of chicken pox. Have tuberculosis, until a health professional states that the child is not infectious. Have strep throat, until 24 hours after treatment has started. Have pertussis, until five days after appropriate antibiotic treatment. Have hepatitis A virus infection, until one week after onset of illness or jaundice. Have impetigo, until 24 hours after treatment. Have a physician’s or other health professional’s written order that the child be separated from other children.